1 More Castle Community Gaming Night

Hi, everyone! Tom here, breaking doctor’s orders and writing to give you some important news! The gaming community as a whole has been nuttier than a squirrel’s cheeks in October lately and here at 1 More Castle, we’ve been fortunate enough to become somewhat of a refuge from the madness. As 1/2 of the Community Management team, that makes me smile. I have been wanting to do something to help remind everyone why it is we’re all here to begin with: to have fun with video games and share our love of video games with others. An idea was born. Read More


It Came From Japan

Famicom Disk System

こんにちは!  Sorry for the lack of updates lately.  Started a new job, had a bunch of training then I had a vacation in Vegas.  But now I’m back and ready to go!  Today I’m gonna continue to talk about the Famicom, but this time focusing on the attachment known as the Famicom Disk System.  The FDS system is pretty cool and plays games that look like 3.5 inch floppy disks. The beauty with this type of cartridge/game is it allows you to save your game!   There were machines in a lot of stores that would allow you to erase the game on the disk you had and save a new game onto it.  Which seems awesome but when you buy a game online now, even though it has a label saying it’s one game it could actually be something totally different.

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Queries 1


Queries: Dj Cutman (Episode 1)

Welcome to Queries! My name is Daniel Lamplugh, and in this series, I will be posting monthly interviews with people from Internet Culture, generally related to gaming. This could range from game devs to chiptune musicians, or whoever else is willing to come on the show. I can’t promise Cliffy B, Minoru Arakawa, or Adam Sessler will be on here, but I will try to find interesting and noteworthy guests.

Daniel Lamplugh: And on that note, today I am here with musician, remixer, and record label manager, Dj CUTMAN.

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Game Overkill - Final Fantasy

Game Overkill

Game Overkill – Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy was one of the first NES games I played. I can still remember first turning it on and being disappointed almost immediately. I was 9 years old and wouldn’t start studying English for another two years, so all that text that was meant to tell me important things was practically unintelligible. Luckily, I lived in Canada, and for some awesome reason, almost everything on the box and in the box was in English AND French.
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Nightshade Title

The Retro Critic


Big plans were brewing back in 1992.

BIG plans.

Like a group of mad scientists in an old black and white movie, Beam Software developed a little game called Nightshade, also known as Nightshade Part 1: The Claws Of Sutekh and, although the game never received the sequels it promised/deserved, it was later used as a starting point for Shadowrun.

Released on the NES, the game was an ambitious mix of RPG adventure, point-and-click mystery, fighting action and… bad jokes.
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GMZ - #19


GMZ #19 – Katamari, Gaming’s Greatest Feud, and Burnout

Katamari Child Abuse?

By Tom “T-Bone” Stankus

Child Welfare Services have placed the the young Prince and all his cousins in various foster homes and shelters after police across the universe arrested their parents for a multitude of charges ranging from reckless endangerment, child labour, cruelty, and malnutrition.
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Retro Power

Retro Power Project Announcement

I’d be lying if I told you that my college writing classes were my favorite, but since graduation I have slowly come to not only tolerate putting ink to paper, but actually quite enjoy it. There was something almost inexplicably cathartic about my Indy Pop Con article. I knew after its warm reception I had to do something else to add to the retro gaming community, but what else was there?

After exchanging emails with my now partner in crime the thought struck me, “I love Nintendo Power.” I mean who among us in the community doesn’t shed a tear now and then at its absence, but my sentiment wasn’t just about missing the beloved magazine itself, but more so the gaping hole it has left in our community since its disappearance.
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DK 64 dance


Switch Your Partner, Do Si Do!

You like multiple playable characters in games, right? Especially when those characters each have their own unique abilities? Of course you do, multiple playable characters make games more diverse, fun, interesting and replayable. Except when they don’t.
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Nightfire Title

The Retro Critic

James Bond 007: Nightfire

For 007 fans who also happened to be gamers, James Bond video games were kind of a must.

From The Duel to Goldeneye to Agent Under Fire, From Russia With Love and beyond, we had to try them out and, more often than not, they ended up being pretty darn entertaining. Not always perfect, granted, but generally good enough to warrant a playthrough.

Nightfire was one of the few games I personally played and completed on the original X-Box and, since I recently played it all again on the PS2 this time, I thought it would be a good one to bring the table while it’s still fresh in my mind.
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Raising a Gamer

Ariel the Little Mermaid (Genesis)

It’s that time again. The time that we all sit down for another edition of Raising A Gamer. As interesting as it might be to see my 4 year old’s take on a classic beat em up or shooter, we are in for…you guessed it, another Disney related movie game! Hey, I said I would let her pick the games so this should have been expected. Now don’t get discouraged yet because on the surface this game looks reminiscent of another very enjoyable Genesis title.

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My Two Gils

Super Smash Bros. Roster Revisited

I’m not usually one to dabble into controversy, but sometimes, the subject is too important to ignore. There’s only one thing in gaming news worth fussing about these days and it’s the Super Smash Bros. roster. NOTHING ELSE! Indeed, I think Nintendo fans all around the world can agree that nothing can even dream of reaching the impact of a Super Smash Bros. announcement, leak and/or joke related to said leak.
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shadows of the empire
Blades Of Vengeance Title

The Retro Critic

Blades Of Vengeance

How do you follow something like Fisher-Price: Perfect Fit?

With a (not sarcastically) good Sega Genesis game of course!

Yes, Blades Of Vengeance is actually decent!

In many ways, it’s even better than decent: it’s pretty darn great.

For one thing, it’s called Blades Of Vengeance, which sounds either like a late sequel to that ice-skating Will Ferrell movie or some low-level metal band your dad would look at you weird for enjoying.

Or, of course, a random Steven Seagal film about some dude punching other dudes into paper-thin walls.

Quite simply: it sounds amazing.
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Retro News September 2014 Thumbnail
GMZ - Real Job Posting


GMZ – Job Openings (For Real This Time)

Pierre here,

If you’re one of the thousands of people who grew up wishing they could one day work for GMZ, you’re in luck because we’re hiring! Now, you too can enjoy all the perks of being a member of one of the world’s foremost news teams: no pay, confusing and contradictory demands from your supervisors, no health benefits, sarcasm, free enemas, mandatory midiclorian testing, surprise enemas, severe risk of Englebert Humperdink syndrome, and reverse transversal Dorititis of the elbows.
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