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Mad Max

One of the coolest things to come out of the San Diego Comic Con was arguably that new Mad Max: Fury Road trailer which quickly got me excited for a franchise I really didn’t think was “rebootable.”

Which is why I thought I’d look back at a little game called Mad Max on the NES.

Developed by Mindscape, the game already sets itself up for criticism by calling itself Mad Max when, really, it’s Mad Max 2. That said, many actually prefer the second movie so this was probably a nice surprise for most.

The game opens with the first of many barely decipherable pictures peppered throughout.

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Raising a Gamer

The Lion King (Genesis)

Cute first moments and baby laughs aside, parenting is pretty rough for the first few years and anyone that says otherwise is lying. The reward for all the hard work of child rearing began for me when my daughter, Mae, turned three. This has been her most inquisitive stage yet; she has a sense of wonder that surprises me constantly.

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My Two Gils

Untold Stories of Retro Gaming

Forget the emergency rooms, retro gaming has way better untold stories. You have heard of the Untold Stories of ER, right? That show where people who mostly do stupid things decide that a better way to prove their stupidity is to tell their own ridiculous stories using actors who can’t even reach the credibility of an 80’s porn actor? No? Geez… you guys don’t watch TLC much. I guess I’ll stop referencing it, but you don’t know what you’re missing. Another thing you might have missed are come stories of old video games. (flawless segue) These plots remained hidden in manuals for years, never to be discovered. In an era where we thought stories didn’t matter as much, how many great stories did we miss?
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2 Decades Late

Super Baseball Simulator 1.000

It’s that magical time of year when most of the American populace turns to baseball to help get them through the drought of sports between the NBA Finals and the start of the NFL season. It seems like the perfect time to review a baseball game. Thankfully for me, Alex Weiss participated in  my 2 Decades Late Reader Request series, and requested Super Baseball Simulator 1.000, a game I have yet to play. Well, I do love me some retro baseball so I popped this one in and gave it the old college try.
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Planet Of The Apes

1 More Countdown

Top 10 Sharks in Video Games

I spent days trying to think of another video game list I could do, that’s related to summertime. I’ve already talked about my favorite beach levels, and everyone does water levels, so instead I decided to count down my favorite sharks in video games.

Sharks are evil mindless killing machines, and I love them. So I’m counting down my favorite sharks in retro video games. Also before you ask, the shark from Okami isn’t here because I still didn’t finish that game.

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GMZ - #18


GMZ #18 – YOLO, and (Not Really) Live from SGC

Nintendo Announces Gritty Reboot for Lolo

By Ray Davies

Fans of the classic NES puzzle games Adventures of Lolo might have something to celebrate, depending on how they react to the details of the Lolo reboot. The first game will be called Adventures of Yolo: Quest for Swag. As well, the characters of Lolo and Lala will be combined into Lola. It is not clear if the character will be a transvestite or a transgender person. The game will still be a puzzle game, but instead of moving eggs around to open an exit, your goal will be to pick up sailors and have them leave the club with you. You can expect it for Wii U and 3DS in time for the holidays.
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buck rogers
monkey king


Land of the Monkey King

Damn dirty, 8-bit apes.

Growing up, Donkey Kong Country was my jam. I played the Snes original more than I care to admit so when I got a GameBoy Color & Donkey Kong Land, I was in Heaven. A portable Donkey Kong game that’s just like the console version but with new levels? Count me the motherfroggin in! The game was a blast and I played it obsessively, mastering each and every level till I could do them in my sleep. Looking back on DKL now, I’ve realized one thing: I was a stupid, naïve kid. Donkey Kong Land sucks.
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xcom apocalypse
Quartet Title

The Retro Critic


I love my Sega Master System, I really do.

It introduced me to so much joy back in the day from Alex Kidd to that Simpsons game where you’re jumping over hats or whatever that one was about.

What it didn’t quite excel at sometimes, though, was transferring arcade games to a console format. Usually, minor changes would occur both with the graphics and the gameplay itself which would either ruin the original or create an ok, if rather different, game.

Quartet was one of those which, luckily, didn’t fatally suffer from that transfer but which certainly ended up looking, sounding and feeling pretty different.
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My Two Gils

The Tetris Book of Design

Some of you might remember last Review A Great Game Day (2014). Well, most of you I hope, unless you have serious memory problems which would probably handicap your retrogaming interests… Anyway, you may also remember that I wrote a review of Tetris (while trying to make as many Russian puns as I could and failing horribly…). Needless to say, I absolutely adore Tetris and could come close to agreeing that its design stands inches away perfection. However, I’m not here to discuss game design. I’m here to help you achieve your perfect self. Become a staggering wall of knowledge that extends beyond the communist motherland!
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Duke Nukem: Endangered Species Screenshots Released

After buying 3D Realms in March of this year, Interceptor Entertainment have been digging through the archives to see what they could find. To our surprise, they’ve found screenshots of the unreleased Duke Nukem: Endangered Species and released them to the public.

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Review a Bad Game Day Approaches!

It is that time once again! To change the battery in our smoke detectors? To swap out the baking soda in the fridge? To dust off our collections of Pez dispensers? NOOOOO! Ok, well maybe but I am speaking to the greatest spectacle on the internet today. That’s right. It is that time of year once again when Review a Bad Game Day rises from its slumber to feed on the despair caused by the worst games the world has to offer.

Every year, 1 More Castle hosts Review a Bad Game Day. Gamers from all over the internet combine to post reviews of games that are totally offensive to one or more senses. It doesn’t matter whether you contribute to 1 More Castle, your own personal blog, another gaming website, or nowhere at all. This is an open invite to all gamers everywhere. Options will be available to link to your work elsewhere or post directly on the site. Also, your game does NOT have to be universally accepted as a bad game. If it is bad to you, tell us about it.

Review a Bad Game Day will be held this year on August 8, 2014. That means that you have less than a month to get to reviewin’. Go pick your games, force your way through them, and prepare to warn all of us of their horror on August 8. When the time comes, we will open up the submission forms on reviewabadgameday.com. In the meantime, go check out the site to see reviews of horrible games from the previous years. It is your privilege, NAY, your duty to warn us all of these relics from the underworld. The citizens of Earth are counting on you.