Making those Old Games Shine

One of the downfalls of old games is, well, they eventually begin to show their age. Yes, they may be your favourite, but after 20 years of playing them you might want a little more. I’m not saying the games are bad of course, there’s just some room for an extra feature or two. This is where mods come in. Read on to learn about some mods that will breathe new life into some of your old favourites.
Deus Ex New Vision

Deus Ex: New Vision

In development for several years, the Deus Ex: New Vision mod launched this past November in it’s final form. Replacing every environmental texture within the game, the mod aims to update the aging Unreal 1 Engine to a more palatable form. This may be just the right reason to revisit this classic cyberpunk game. The mod can be downloaded here in a 1.2GB package.
unreal tournament monster hunt
Unreal Tournament: Monster Hunt

Monster Hunt adds two new team based modes to the original Unreal Tournament: Monster Hunt and Monster arena. In Monster Hunt, you and a team of players (or bots) fight your way through a level of continually spawning monsters, to eventually reach a boss at the end. If you die, you are sent back to the beginning of the level, so teamwork is key. Monster Area differs, as you and your team instead face a single super-monster, which must be destroyed to win.

The mod itself was extremely popular back in the day, and spawned a number of custom maps which you can still find being played. Pick the up the mod here for your monster killing pleasure.

doom 2 ghostbusters
Doom 2: Ghostbusters

Maybe, just maybe, you want more of your favourite games play style, but in a different locale. If so, I suggest you take a look at the Doom 2 total conversion: Ghostbusters. Allowing you to play as one of the four “Ghostbusters” from the movie, the this total conversion lets you play through the events of the movie from within the Doom 2 engine. Though a work in process, you can download the demo at their official website.

deus ex
Then again, there’s a chance you already play mods that have gone on to be official game franchises. Counterstrike, Defense of the Ancients 2, and Team Fortress 2 all come to mind. If you’re wondering if there are mods available for your old favourites, I suggest you have over to the ModDatabase, and see what you can find. Mods are a great way to extend the life of your old favourites, and can add an interesting twist or two.