Internet Archive invades your Browser

The Internet Archive, perhaps best known for it’s “Wayback Machine,” which allows people to view older version of websites via caching, has launched a initiative called the “Historical Software Collection.”

Featuring games from an assortment of consoles, the site allows you to revisit such titles as “The Hobbit” for the ZX Spectrum, and “Mystery House” for the Apple II.

Running the in-browser MESS Emulator, a sister project to MAME, the site has “hand-selected a few dozen ground-breaking and historically important software products, many of whom started entire industries or pioneered new genres of programs.” Currently there are only 28 titles available, however, the list will continue to grow.

While the Internet Archive has hosted a “Classic PC Games” section for years, this is the first time they’ve ventured into other platforms, and will also be the first time you’ll be able to play a number of games directly in your browser.


Head over to the Internet Archive if you’re willing to give the games a try.